Saturday, October 10, 2009

render farm project on progress

in this year i hope i can finish my study in Gadjah Mada University might be many people known as UGM where it place in Yogyakarta. my first project is create render farm, i initiate it as my final exam or in my university called TA (Tugas Akhir), i build it using java RMI collaborate with blender render engine the idea is using java RMI for communicate between client and node through the server then the node will process render task from client using blender, in each node must have blender engine installed. there are three kind of application one will place in the client, second will place in the sever and third application will place in node, and i use master slave architecture for building the infrastructure.

this is illustration of my idea, may be it familiar to you:

there are three main application in the architecture picture AddJob class, JobManager class and JobProcessor class. Bellow picture will illustrate my final exam project work flow.

that’s my idea and had been implementing and work in progress. :D


  1. mantab,...btw....lisensinya apa nih? klo misalnya dah jadi boleh ndak klo dipake u project komersil....:D

  2. @hako
    tetep semangat hand apapun yang terjadi
    yang jelas mengikuti greather than GPLv2, ga masalah kalo mau di komersialkan it's fine. silahkan diunduh dimodifikasi dan dijual kembali